Virtual Fitness: We’ve Got This!

Well that escalated quickly….

Our entire world has changed right before our eyes.  If you had told us a few weeks ago that we’d be confined to our homes for a few weeks (let’s pretend COVID-19 didn’t exist)—most of us probably would have hysterically laughed as we propelled ourselves into “blue sky” mode and said “SIGN ME UP!!” We’d envision the projects we’d get done, the family time, the hobbies…this whole glorious picture of what life would be like. It would be easier, right?

Well….not exactly, as we’re learning. For those of us who are non-essential workers (and we thank the essential workers from the bottom of our hearts), life at home is more challenging than we thought. We live here, but we haven’t LIVED here. Our life is out there, bouncing from place to place and staying so busy that we count down to our off time so we can plant ourselves in front of Netflix and binge watch our favorite shows so we can have a break. But really, at the end of the day, we only wanted the break long enough to recharge and get back out there!

For fitness lovers, this time has become increasingly more and more challenging. Now that gyms and fitness centers are closed, we’re learning to navigate the home workout. In theory, we have no excuses now. Many of us are finding though that’s not the case. As one diva put it, “More time and ‘less responsibility’ have made me feel like there’s more pressure to do it ALL!”

And we are indeed doing it ALL–cleaning, cooking, sorting, organizing, planning, connecting, learning, some of us still working—so much that we’re finding it’s not as easy to get a workout in as it used to be (and it wasn’t exactly EASY before). We’re now fully responsible for our accountability and we find we need to have a new level of discipline without having a place to physically report to at a particular time.  We say all of this to say: Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t met your fitness goals the way you thought you would…..

But don’t abandon them either! Many instructors and fitness facilities are now virtually streaming classes through the video conference app ZOOM—including Crazy Sock Divas in partnership with MPower Fitness—to help bring both fitness and connection to your living room or backyard! For some of us (yes, many of us in Crazy Sock Divas are SOME OF US), the thought of being on video with other people is TERRIFYING! However, we’re also finding as we push past that fear that it’s not so bad. In fact, turning on our cameras for the livestream adds back that accountability and push to be disciplined we all so desperately need right now!

We have a few tips to help navigate your home workouts:

  1. Make sure your workout space is SAFE! Clear a space where you can’t trip over or run into anything and that the area is well ventilated.
  2. Wear your cute workout attire—not just for the video—but because you’ll feel better and you’ll have a safer workout. Proper shoes are everything!
  3. Have everything on hand that you would take to the gym—water, towel, etc.
  4. Turn your camera ON and your MIC on mute (unless directed otherwise)—you’ll feel more included in the class and your instructor and fellow classmates will love to see you participating. It’s amazing how the little things can give you a sense of connection again.
  5. Have fun and try new things! So many of us would rather be awkward in the comfort of our own home, so here is the opportunity! Just keep in mind that attending an in-person class is going to give you so much better results, so be ready to branch out further once the quarantines end. There is so much value in having a licensed instructor there to guide and help you adjust your movements.
  6. Privately give your live-stream instructors feedback and ask questions. The majority of us are learning a brand new way of teaching, so it’s important that the lines of communication stay open so that we can learn and get better!
  7. Include the family! The kids may bounce around and be doing their own thing—but everyone’s moving and that’s all that matters.
  8. Stay in touch with your fitness friends. Text them, video chat them (one on one workouts can be fun!), and be there for each other.

This WILL end, and we’re going to be all so much closer and stronger than before. Sending much love to you all!


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