Food & Fitness: Frenemies For Life



It’s our greatest energy source and fuel for a workout, and yet it’s often the very reason we find ourselves in the gym to begin with–FOOD!!  Where’s the balance?

Every now and then, we find ourselves conversing with the rare unicorn that can devour an entire pizza and more in a single setting, and thanks to their active lifestyle, they maintain their amazing physique with zero negative consequences from their food choices.  We call them unicorns with the utmost respect—they are majestic and amazing, and we can admit we’re slightly envious.

The rest of us have had to come to terms with reality that no matter how much time we spend in the gym, we’re still going to have to address the time we spend at the table. We’re faced with it from Day 1 when we put in a great workout and get that 1st little metabolism boost that sends a signal to our brain that we are now starving TO DEATH and “because we worked out” it’s now ok to down a whole bag of Doritos when we get home.  It gets fuzzier when those workout results start to show—clothes getting looser, muscles you didn’t know you had popping through and looking all defined, getting through a high impact class and feeling like you could go for another, etc—and first you plateau and then the scale climbs (some of us have taken this time to then look to another cause—we’ll go to the doctor, try a new vitamin regimen, etc)—but ultimately it brings us back to the culprit we don’t want to face again: Food.

For some of us divas, we admit that we indulge a little more “guilt freely” because we work out so much. In the moment, it’s kind of nice! We can actually enjoy a meal or a treat—but it does eventually add back up.

The solution? The divas all agree: The key is to plan ahead.

CSD Brandi suggests starting with pre- and post- workout foods.  Focusing on what will best fuel your workout and the recovery thereafter can help you in making better choices so you don’t sabotage the workout or cancel out what you just did in class. It’s also a good baby step!

CSD Melissa says to remember everything in moderation.  If you tell yourself you absolutely can’t have something you’ll want it more. She also recommends using an app like MyFitness Pal or something similar that holds you accountable for both eating and exercise. It’s even better if you add your friends!

CSD Melodee also suggests planning your cheat days. She saves her WW extra weekly points for one day in particular to indulge on (pizza!), and the rest of the week she makes sure she stays within her limits so that her cheat day is truly guilt free.

The important takeaway is to not let either aspect independently control your life—it will always be a balancing act. Developing and maintaining good habits over time will bring a more harmonious relationship between the two.



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